Kush Sorbet from Indoor Organic Gardens

Kush Sorbet (Sunset Sherbet x Triangle Kush) from Indoor Organic Gardens received as a birthday present on 8/21/19. The is another absolute banger from IOG. The surface of the nugs are a beautiful mix of dark purple hues and lime green patches completely frosted from base to tip in a layer of triches so thick it looks like it was applied via a mini paint sprayer.

The smell out of the bag is a one two punch to the nostrils of sweet mint coupled with pine. On the nug break the sweet mint and pine are all there but there’s this savory earth element in the background that’s hard to identify. On the hand grind you get a nice stickiness on the fingers and the scents all combine into a sensational sweet candy like nose that really comes hard with the mint. It reminds me of a flavor you might find in 5 Gum. The inhale is smooth and I catch a noticeable sweetness while on the exhale there’s a creamy mint taste the leaves itself on the tongue. The headchange on this one is straight violent! This batch smacks like a mack truck and scatters you on the roadway. Early on I made the mistake of burning through back to back bowls and I have to say this strain has thoroughly put me to bed more than once since it was gifted to me. Just burning through greens on a single bowl I feel the weight of the entire week lifted off my shoulders. It’s really giving me that turn up the music and bop your head to the beat kinda hell yeah it’s Friday feeling. My head is entirely weightless and it’s frankly a little hard to concentrate and finish up this review. There’s an energy that comes with it up top but it quickly dissipates as you really start to feel it in the eyes and then it slowly makes it’s way to the back of your neck and into your shoulders. It has such a thwap it almost feels like being likely dizzy where you have a bit of trouble focusing but in the most enjoyable way. And that’s not even burning through a whole bowl! Insane. It makes you want to stretch, kick back, and chill until you find yourself weed napping or in need of a coffee to keep you going. You’ll want to save this one for the end of the day when you’ve got your shit handled and you’re ready to achieve ultimate chill. Stellar work once again IOG! If I saw this in a store there’s no way I’d be leaving without it.

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