Flat Earth from Korova

Flat Earth from Korova via The Spot on 8/31/19. THC tested out to 19.11%. Purchased for $50+tax – 25% off for the Korova Takeover Discount. I was lucky enough to grab this one on special for the Korova Takeover at The Spot. Not only did I get a discount but I got a cool shirt too. Being a cross between Conspiracy Kush and Earth OG, Flat Earth is a fantastic and hilarious name for this strain. The first thing that catches the eye as soon as you open the jar are these massive triches that coat every bud. The nugs are bulbous, spikey, and alien looking. While the surface is a light green, the intense coating of triches give it this sort of jaundiced look, and no matter the lighting the nugs have a frosty white-ish yellow hue.

The smell out of the jar is savory and aromatic and reminds me of opening the spice cabinet at your grandma’s house that’s she’s been using for decades. On the nug break I still take in that peppery smell but it’s accompanied by notes of metal in the background. On the finger grind the metallic nose intensifies and nearly overwhelms the other scents all together. It’s very dry to the touch and breaks down really easily leaving no stickiness on the finger tips. The smoke is smooth and on the exhale tastes like licking a 9volt battery but in the best possible way. The headchange comes on at a moderate pace. It doesn’t really thwack but gently settles in and gives you that floaty head sort of feeling. It has me slightly spacey and staring off into the distance. If you’re at all tired when you smoke this strain it’ll sap any motivation you have to take on any given task but it doesn’t exactly leave you feeling couchlocked either. You have the ability to move from your seat bu there’s just not a good enough reason to get you to do it. This is a good mellow strain to end the day and kick off your evening. It’ll tamp down your energy from the day but won’t leave you dead to the world. While no doubt a beautiful well cultivated herb worthy of the ticket it commands, the headchange isn’t something I found personally appealing as it left me feeling just kind of “meh” about everything, which is not really a place I enjoy being. That said, every strain hits every individual differently so if you want to give Flat Earth a chance for yourself, I’d say it’s definitely worth a shot.

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