Trunk Funk from Cream of the Crop

Trunk Funk from Cream of the Crop via SCSA on 10/16/19. THC tested out to 21.49%. Purchased for $2 on a customer appreciation deal. It’s difficult for me to do reviews on a gram but since it was practically free and a strain I’d never tried before I figured I’d give it a shot. The small buds in this jar were a light green with bunches of reddish brown pistils and a fair coating of triches.

The nose out of the jar was predominantly sweet with a musty peppery funk which really seems to suit it’s name. I tried to get a sense for the scent on breaking the buds but they were too small to get a handle on. When breaking it down by hand I found that pepper scent really took center stage with a doughy sweetness lingering in the background accented by hints of mint. I also found 4 seeds, which isn’t always a bad thing really, but it’s a good amount for a gram. It’s at this point this review is going to take a slight detour from the normal format and go into a little detail about what happened next. When I found the seeds I reached out to a rep for COTC’s parent brand (shoutout to who was extremely apologetic and jumped into action to rectify the situation immediately. Not only did they pull any remaining jars with the same batch number from circulation but they also set it up so I could go and pick up 2 non-promo grams of my choosing from SCSA that same day. Apparently there were problems with the old cultivation team responsible for this batch and they’ve since been replaced and processes revamped. I was frankly blown away by the prompt and customer centric response from COTC on this as making a minor criticism of other brands in the past has just gotten me disregarded and/or blocked. Fantastic work to everyone involved at COTC and SCSA. And now, via this smooth segue, back to the normal review. The inhale was a little harsh on the throat after a few bowls and I didn’t detect any sort of flavor but on the exhale I picked up on a musty sweet aftertaste. The headchange came on quick and was fairly heavy. Even though I smoked this in the morning hours I found myself spacing out pretty hard and eventually ready for a weed nap. It definitely felt like a strain to end the day on. I can’t say I got a good feel for it with it only being a gram but what I can say I got a good feel for was COTC’s customer service, that’s definitely top notch all around, and one that’s earned my trust and future business without a doubt.

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