Garanimals from Top Shelf Cultivation

Garanimals from Top Shelf Cultivation via South Coast Safe Access on 10/16/19. THC tested out to 25.7%. Purchased for $64.40 plus tax. I first became aware of Top Shelf Cultivation when they messaged me and told me I should try their Woah-si-woahs. When I was at SCSA they happened to be running a patient appreciation deal, and being a sucker for a free shirt, I decided to give them a shot. They were completely sold out of Woah-si-whoas though so I opted for these Garanimals instead. These dense looking nugs actually give way to finger pressure similar to the way popcorn would if you crushed it. They are a beautiful mix of light and dark greens with purple accents dotted with orange pistils all frosted over with a dusting of tiny triches.

The nose out of the jar is a slight fruity sweetness coupled with an industrial rubber backdrop. On breaking the nug that fruitiness gets a little louder with that rubber still filling out the background. Breaking it down by hand the smell remains mostly the same however there is something new that peaks out, it hits me like basil or a fresh pungent garden herb of some sort, but it’s very hard to pin down. It also leaves a slight film-like layer on your fingers but not necessarily a stickiness. The inhale is smooth but I don’t get much of a taste and on the exhale I catch a broad earthiness with bits of that basil-freshness underneath. The headchange comes on quick and has a nice heavy thwap to it. My eyes and body felt equally heavy, I found myself spacing out quite a bit, and not wanting to do much else except stay firmly planted on the couch. I was able to maintain focus if needed but really all I wanted to do was kick back and let my mind drift off into space. I have to say I ended a few of my days thanks to the sedative power of these expertly cultivated Garanimals. At $65+tax I can’t say I’m a repeat buyer but if I found it on sale for about $50 out the door and was in need of something to send me off to bed I’d pick this up again in a heartbeat. Great work to those on the Top Shelf Team!

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