Willie’s Kushmints from Indoor Organic Gardens

Willie’s Kushmints from Indoor Organic Gardens via Gulf Coast Haze Collective on 10/31/19. THC tested out to 25.24%. Acquired for a donation of $50 total. When I saw IOG was making new drops around So Cal I was determined to get my hands on some. These Willie’s Kushmints are absolutely stunning. The buds are a beautiful combination of light green and deep purple with pale orange hairs winding their way through the crags of a trich blasted nugscape.

The nose out of the jar is fruity with a sweet cake. In my first impressions video I said it smells like those delicious Bon Appetite Berry Cheese Danishes that you’d get at a gas station and I stand by that description. On breaking the nug I pick up the same scent however it gets louder and is accompanied by a hint of mint. When breaking it up by hand you get a slight stick on the fingers and the mint blasts its way to the foreground battling for dominance against that sweet vanilla cake scent. The inhale is smooth as expected and I pick up on a taste that reminds me of toasted marshmallow while on the exhale I get mint with a sort of earthy copper aftertaste. The headchange is very interesting as it comes on quick but grips your brain gently at first and then starts to slowly squeeze. As I was walking around the house I felt as if everything just slowed down. After a single bowl any sense of urgency I had in the minutes before completely disappeared. I found myself on autopilot with the occasional hiccup, like opening the wrong cupboard and taking what felt like 2 or 3 full seconds to understand that, as I moved through the chores on my list. Even while putting together this review I find myself writing words out of order or writing the wrong words all together. My thought processes all twisted up and slightly suspended like the noodles in a plate of spaghetti. Over time, it’ll sap of you of your energy completely and you’ll want to find place to sit down for a while, hopefully in front of TV with drink and snack in hand as I feel the munchies are strong with this one. Overall I’d say WKM doesn’t smack so much as it does smashes you slowly into the ground until you’re ready for a nap. Another fantastic batch from IOG at a really reasonable ticket when considering it’s of the highest caliber. Great work to the awesome folks at IOG once again, I definitely didn’t expect anything less, but you guys really knocked out of the park.

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