LA Kush Cake from Indoor Organic Gardens

LA Kush Cake from Indoor Organic Gardens via Gulf Coast Haze Collective on 10/31/19. THC tested out to 20.27%. Acquired for a donation of $50. Another beautiful batch of flower from the current collection of IOG making the rounds. These semi dense buds are a deep rich purple with lime green accents contrasted against fireplace orange pistils encrusted in stunning triches that give off a diamond-like shine.

The nose out of the jar is a mild sweet mustIness with a minor vanilla cake background. When breaking the nug that sugar sweetness stays present but I also pick up on notes of mint and rubber. When breaking it down by hand you get a slight stick on the fingers and the mint really steps to the foreground while holding equal presence with that sugar sweetness. The inhale is smooth as expected, and I get a little sense of that mint on the way in, while it shifts on the exhale to a muted mint with a gassy background and a touch of a sweet aftertaste. The headchange comes on quick and feels like getting smacked in the face with a hunk of pizza dough. My eyes are hazy and tired and I feel just a slight touch of weight on the forehead down into the bridge of my nose. I used it to take the edge off a cup of afternoon coffee, which was a great balance of energy and euphoria at first, but it quickly went from taking the edge off to taking the whole cup. As time passes this one definitely settles in and if you don’t keep your body and mind active you’re going to find yourself heavy eyed and bound for a weed nap, if not a good nights rest, depending on the time of day. It’s really a fantastic herb for the end of the day if you’re looking to slowly melt into the couch and then slowly fade out of existence. I continue to be impressed with the quality that IOG produces. I know they are tireless perfectionists who are constantly striving to improve their output and never remain complacent with the results. Excellent work once again to the team at IOGgulfcoastla #cannabisreview #cannabiscommunity #weedreview #luxuryweed #luxurycannabis #ocweed #losganjales #inlandhempire #ocoilers #bottomshelf #boofpatrol #glockteam #kronic #highlife #kushgang #weedhashtags #weshouldsmoke #thc #mmj #caliweed #highlife #stoner #justblazeig #cannabisculture #terps #weedstagram #westcoastweed #okcool

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