Alien Mints from Alien Labs

Alien Mints from Alien Labs via Gulf Coast on 10/31/19. No THC levels indicated on the bag. Acquired for $50 donation. I’ve had some great experiences with Alien Labs so when I saw Gulf Coast was packing some unreleased heat I knew I needed to get my hands on some. These nugs are very dense light lime green boulders with forest green lilts and dark orange pistils wrapped in a heavy coating of triches that give the buds a slightly yellow tint.

The nose out of the bag is mint with a sugar sweet back end and just a hint of vanilla. On breaking the nug the mint really amps up and I detect some citrus notes lingering in the background. I had difficulty breaking this down by hand as it was incredibly dense and sticky. Once ground down I picked up on, you guessed it, a strong mint in the foreground with a surprising sweet lemon candy back end that combine into a beautiful scent that really zings the nostrils. The inhale is smooth and really hits you in the sinuses but I don’t get a lot of flavor off it outside of a subtle sweetness. On the exhale that mint makes a comeback and seems to finish out with a minor citrus aftertaste. The headchange is absolutely brutal as it will potentially decimate you in one bowl. Within a minute or two I felt that pressure in my eyes and on the top of my head trying to push me back into the couch as my ability to move seemed to lessen with each passing moment. This one definitely creeps. I had a few things to do but I suddenly became expert at coming up with excuses as to why they didn’t matter and being couchlocked was a good thing. Not even the idea of going to the fridge and getting some pizza was motivating enough to get me off the couch, and I love pizza, especially when I’m stoned so that speaks to the power of its binding effects. I found myself gravitating towards Alien Mints to end the night over most everything else in my current stash which also speaks volumes. For the ticket it’s a fantastic smoke and one I wouldn’t hesitate on picking up again. Excellent work to the crew at Alien Labs and big thanks once again to Gulf Coast for always carrying that unique fire power.

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