Modified Obama Kush from Indoor Organic Gardens

Modified Obama Kush from Indoor Organic Gardens via Gulf Coast Haze Collective on 10/31/19. THC tested out to 21.95%. Acquired for a donation of $50. The final review from this last round of IOG bangers. These semi-dense buds are a deep aubergine with pumpkin pie orange hairs and patches of light green surface area that almost go unnoticed due to the camouflage afforded them by an impressively thick layer of triches.

The nose out of the jar hits as this salty savory musty pepper bringing to mind images of an old ocean marina. On breaking open the bud I get an interesting savory and fresh scent that hits the nose like a fresh uncooked well seasoned steak. When breaking it down by hand that scent blends in to a salty pine with just a slight hint of mint in the background. The inhale is smooth as expected and I detect notes of mint, salt and a touch of floral that seem to work together to bring out a unique sweet taste that’s hard to describe, but reminds me of the skin of a really sweet apple. The exhale comes off as nice combo of that salty mint and pine that combine into a savory freshness. The headchange has a nice initial thwap but it doesn’t leave you too spacey or debilitated. You can feel that pressure build in the middle of the forehead at first and from there it seems to radiate out to the temples, right under the eyes and on top of the cheeks, then slowly makes it way into your limbs giving your whole body that sort of floaty sensation. The feeling is nearly oxymoronic as I have that sense of buoyancy while at the same time I feel like I’m being slowly vacuum sealed to the couch. Overtime there’s a heaviness that settles into the eyes which may lead you to a nap if you were tired before you smoked but otherwise doesn’t seem too overpowering. I’d say it’s a good strain to help you ease into a relaxing evening. You can watch TV or play games without feeling too sedated to keep track of what’s going on while feeling couchlocked enough to just enjoy kicking back. Depending on what was on offer I wouldn’t hesitate in picking this up again for the ticket. However if was a choice between these last 3 and I could only pick one I’d probably go with the Willie’s Kushmints as that was my favorite. That said, this was another fantastic experience from IOG, and from what they’ve told me they’re working hard to dial in these strains for the next round so I can’t even imagine what that’s going to be like. However I most definitely look forward to finding out. Top quality work once again IOG!

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