Bonzai from Ball Family Farms

Bonzai from Ball Family Farms via Evergreen in Santa Ana on 12/21/19. THC tested out to 19.9%. Currently selling at Connected for $55 out the door. Ball Family Farms put out one of my favorite strains of 2019, Daniel Larusso, so when I heard they had something new coming down the line I knew I had to get my hands on it. The surface of these delicately structured buds is mostly comprised of a pear green with lime accents and the occasional forest green lilt, a smattering of burnt auburn pistils, all frosted under a healthy layer of yellowing triches.

The nose out of the jar hits me like lemon zest with a musty orange back end. Busting open a bud the citrus scents combine into a sweet natural orange that smells unique when compared to the mass amounts of lemon lime candy herb that’s prevalent in todays marketplace. When breaking it down by hand, that sweet natural orange gets even louder, while that lemon makes a come back but is relegated to the background. It’s also so sticky that the small bits of grounds cling to the tips of your fingers and make you fight some to rub them clean. The dry pull on the jay, unsurprisingly, tastes of sugar sweet orange and almost has an orange juice like aftertaste. The inhale was smooth but muted on the flavor end, I didn’t get much of a taste off the joint, but from the bong I picked up on this light citric acid burn on the tongue. On the exhale I get a burnt orange taste from the joint and from the bong it’s more of a a natural musty orange, lacking that sweetness from the dry pull, but having a powerful aftertaste that lingers for a minute or two after smoking. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I catch a really mild orange on the inhale, and a very zesty orange aftertaste that’s similar to biting into an orange without peeling it, but not quite as intense or traumatic. The headchange comes on quick and brings a bit of energy with it but also has a slap that can leave you spacey if you aren’t intensely focused. It lacks that racy edge I look for in an early morning sativa but functions nicely as a mid to late day smoke as long as you don’t mind losing track of what you’re doing on occasion. The ticket is just a tad higher than a lot of really solid sativas out there so that would be my only point of hesitation when considering picking this up again. Excellent work Ball Family Farms, you guys are killing it and I can’t wait to see what you put out next!

2 thoughts on “Bonzai from Ball Family Farms

  1. Just had my first bonzai smell test..
    The lemon skunk scent is prevalent.
    Overall I give it five stars.. Smell. Taste. And at 19% THC .. I can still make it through the day at full productivity.


  2. Thanks for articulating the effects of this delicious smoke. Tried it liked it. From first smell to last toke it was superb. Spaciness May vary.


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