Candyland from Top Shelf Cultivation

Candyland from Top Shelf Cultivation via Evergreen Santa Ana on 12/21/19. THC tested out to 32.2%. Purchased for $67.20 plus tax. Early last month @manuallyf0cused told me I had to try some Candyland by Top Shelf Cultivation, so when I saw Evergreen had it in stock, I decided to throw down and see what’s what. The colors on these dense bulbous buds vary from nug to nug with a patchwork of light and dark green to rich deep purples, with impacted rusty red pistils, and a glistening layer of triches that fill every available space and crevice.

The nose out of the jar is a deep rich sweetness with a grape like edge and a thick rubber back end. On busting open the nug the sweetness takes center stage, bringing a lemon-ish mint quality with it, while pushing that rubber scent back just a bit more. When breaking it down by hand the rubber and sweet mint aspects seem to come together in a unique way that hits me as a combo of new rain boots and cotton candy. When dry pulling the jay I get a really deep sweetness with a hint of earth. The inhale was smooth from the bong and the J and I picked up on a hint of toasted fruit from both but it wasn’t too specific. The exhale from the J had a candy grape vibe that reminded me of Big League Chew while on the bong I caught a similar flavor but it had a deep rubber aftertaste. Crossing checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I got a very potent flavor that I’d describe as a pleasant version of industrial cleaner with an intense floral aftertaste. The headchange comes on swiftly and brings some good energy with it. At first it’s very clear headed and you’ll have no issue staying active and remaining on task however as the initial impact wears off I’ve noticed this slightly sedative effect that makes me want to take a seat for a few minutes and just relax. I really enjoyed this batch of Candyland, it ticks nearly all the boxes, the only thing I’d wrestle with on picking it up again is the ticket as there are a few choice sativas out there that are bit easier on the wallet. That said, if you find it at a ticket you feel comfortable with I highly recommend it as it’s a solid tasty sativa with some decent stamina that was clearly grown with expertise. Great work to the Top Shelf Cultivation crew, can’t wait to get my hands on those Woah-si-whoas!

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