Passport from The Cure Company

Passport from The Cure Company via City Compassionate Caregivers on 1/6/2020. THC tested out to 27.96%. This sample was gifted to me but it’s on the CCC Menu for $35 plus tax. Passport has been on my radar for a bit now so when I saw it was one of the jars in my sample pack I was stoked. Big shout out to Freshpen23 for making it happen! These mildly dense buds are a patch work of light and dark greens with dark brownish red pistils all frosted over by a formidable layer of triches.

The nose out of the jar is extremely uncommon. I pick up on a muted spiced apple scent with a hint of caramel, but not so much in the way these foods actually smell, but more of a Bath and Bodyworks candle version of it. When busting open a nug the sweeter notes take a back seat to a musty spice that brings a fresh mint like element with it. Breaking it down by hand that fresh element really takes center stage with the spiced apple remaining present but becoming slightly more muted. When dry pulling the j you really get a sense of that sweet spiced fruit up top with a nice minty finish. On the inhale from the joint I get a light pancakes and syrup taste while on the exhale I pick up on a spicy sweet cinnamon. The experience is very similar when using a bong however a big difference I noticed is it really hits you in the sinuses and septum on the exhale. Cross checking the taste on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I get an intense cinnamon spice that’s reminiscent of the Quaker’s Oatmeal of the same name with a very sweet cinnamon aftertaste the makes me feel like I just ate an old school Atomic Fireball. The headchange came on quick and smacked me in a special way. My notes actually say “wide eyed, feel surprised by how high I am”. I was fuzzy headed and getting ASMR like tingles from the top of my head down in to the base of my neck. While I was feeling extremely hazy my thoughts didn’t feel impeded at all, I could focus and follow along and didn’t find myself spacing out once, all while being continuously self aware of how baked I really was. It’s the type of herb that creeps and hits in waves. There were moments where I thought “Oh, I’m not feeling it as much, I should smoke a little more” and I as soon I’d have the bowl packed, I’d stop and take stock of my current state, and realize I really didn’t need it. All and all I’d have to say I’m thoroughly impressed with Passport. It has an incredibly unique and tasty flavor profile with a long lasting high altitude smack to match. With the ticket it goes for at CCC I’d pick this up again in a heartbeat. It’s a fantastic anytime smoke and my only disappointment is that I’m down to my last nug of it. Great job to the folks at The Cure Company! Passport has now been promoted to headstache status in my book. 

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