Purple Punch from Curated Cannabis

Purple Punch from Curated Cannabis on 2/24/2020. THC tested out to 16.08%. This was gifted to me but normally retails for $300 an ounce on special at the Spot in Santa Ana. A few years back in the pre prop 64 days, I remember coming across Curated Cannabis when they were working the sesh scene and being extremely curious about their cryo cured herb, so I was hella excited when they reached out and offered me a tour of their facilities here in Santa Ana. I have to admit I am extremely impressed by the look of these fresh frozen nugs. While it’s true that Purple Punch is notorious for its bag appeal this is still, by far, the most gorgeous Purple Punch I’ve ever come across. These big beautiful whole buds are perfectly preserved in large glass jars and look like a trimmed up version of their living counterparts. The surface is a wintry lime green with deep purple accents that look like garlands rounding a Christmas tree, accompanied by scattered fireplace orange pistils and a blanket of triches so thick, it resembles a the beginnings of a healthy mountainside snowpack at the start of of winter.

The nose out of the jar is a sugary sweet cream with a helping of berry chutney and a mildly musty back end. When breaking open a bud that sweet berry cream gets louder while pushing that mustiness even further back. When breaking if down by hand the sugar sweet quality remains while a plain cereal scent jumps in to the mix as well as a bit of a savory aspect hanging around in the background. The sensation of finger grinding this particular batch is unique but not entirely alien, it’s very similar to how any fluffy herb breaks down, but has an airy trait where I did find myself packing the joints and bowls a little thicker than usual. I added a breakdown video for anyone who’s curious as to how it looks when prepped without a grinder. A dry pull on the joint has that sweet cereal attribute with a floral back end. The inhale is smooth and on the joint I get a floral tang where it’s more of an earthy floral experience on the bong. The exhale on the joint has a tiny floral kick, but is mostly nondescript where as on the bong, it’s a bit more defined but I’d still describe it as a muted sweet floral experience. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I get a heavily floral and fresh taste with some sugar sweetness making itself known in the background. The headchange is as to be expected with purple punch in my experience. It’s sedative and tends to creep over time but lacks a satisfying cerebral smack that you would expect when judging it on looks alone. Due to this, I feel like Purple Punch has a lot of detractors but there are people who are fans of the strain, my girlfriend being one of them. She absolutely loved this cut of Purple Punch and if you’re a fan as well then I believe you’ll be extremely pleased with the Curated Cannabis cryo cured version of it. Personal preference on Purple Punch aside it’s obvious the folks at Curated are extremely passionate about Cannabis, preserving it in its most prime and pristine state, which is a truly unique experience for a majority of recreational consumers. Props to all the folks down at Curated Cannabis for the excellent work!

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