Domo G from THC Design

Domo G from THC Design on 2/20/2020. THC tested out to 22.57%. This was gifted to me but I have seen it go for $40 in a shop. Being a fan of THC Design, when I noticed they’d released a strain in partnership with rapper Domo Genesis, my curiosity was admittedly piqued so I was stoked to get my hands on some. These bulbous semi-dense nugs are an eye pleasing patchwork of bright lime and dark forest greens with splashes of deep aubergine, cheddar cheese orange pistils, and an army of spiky white triches that line the surface of the bud like those spike strips that keep birds from landing on building ledges.

The nose out of the jar is a musty fruit that I refer to as that “foreign fruit market smell” accompanied by a minty freshness in the background. On busting open the bud the smell remains largely the same although the mint gets slightly louder. When breaking it down by hand you get a nice stick on the fingers and it unleashes this delicious smell that comes off like a fruit salad with strawberry, banana and all the melons, enhanced further by the mint giving everything a pleasantly fresh lilt. A dry pull on the jay has a sweet sugar candy taste with a fruity twist. The inhale is smooth and has a sugary smack with a woody undertone on the joint while the bong offers a floral earthy experience with a touch of freshness. The exhale is a sweet floral sugar on the joint while the bong offers the sugary sweetness up top with a floral finish. When it comes to cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I decided to change things up a little due to a chart that Ghost Vapes shared with me regarding terps and temps. I first tried it at 200c which gave a minor pine taste a floral mint and a hint of sweetness. I then loaded a fresh pod and vaped it at 170c which really intensified the pine and floral tastes to a surprising degree. I’ll definitely try to incorporate vaping at different temperatures into my reviews going forward as to give a more thorough report on the flavor. The headchange comes on quick but it doesn’t slap so much as it does smash and then continue to keep on the pressure. I started to feel the weight in my body as time started to slow, I got a bit of that walking underwater feeling, and things that may have seemed an immediate concern were now not as important and may have slipped my mind entirely. Any anxiety and frantic energy were quickly dismissed. I didn’t feel couch locked but I also didn’t feel motivated to do much other than kick back, watch youtube videos on random, and let my mind wander on its own time. It’s one of those strains that obliterates stress and anxiety which makes it a perfect companion to the strange times we’re living through. While I’d say it’s too heavy for a wake and bake, it’s a good strain for any time you need to get some calm perspective on your troubles, or just be able to put them out of mind completely and relax. I enjoyed my time with Domo G and for the ticket I’ve seen it go for in shops I could definitely see myself picking it up again. Excellent job to the team at THC Design, keep up the great work!

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