Tangieland from Curated Cannabis

Tangieland from Curated Cannabis on 01/05/2022. THC tested out to 31.954%.This was gifted to me but checking the menu at Mother Nature’s Remedy you can get an 8th of Mendo Breath out the door for $31.39 if the site is accurate. At the start of the year I found myself lucky enough to be invited back down to the Curated Cannabis facility to chat it up about all things cannabis, and while there I was gifted a couple samples to review, one of which was this Tangieland grown by Cathedral Green. 

This single giant beastly bud is mostly a mix of lime and sage greens with subtle blooms of aubergine dotting nugscape, accompanied by gangly flare ups of ginger and burnt orange pistils, and a beautiful deluge of intact white and egg cream triches that fuzz over the landscape like snow on an old CRT TV. 

The nose out the jar is overwhelming Jack Herer due to the high amount of Terpinolene I’m guessing, but there’s also a bit of a sweet musty tang that kicks around in the background as well. Busting open a bud the jack dissipates and has a sort of flat musty scent with a touch of floral, but comes off surprisingly muted overall. Busting it down by hand, the nug smoothly breaks apart as that jack scent amps back up, but also brings a hint of fruity sweetness to it that reminds me of a weak mango hi chew.

The dry pull on the joint is hard to discern, it’s very light, and hits with a peppery tang and a touch of mustiness underneath it. The inhale on the bong comes with a very light floral spice whereas the joint was fairly nondescript. The exhale on the bong is a muted peppery musk with a faint distant wisp of fruit whereas the joint is an extremely light spiced floral. While not particularly flavorful it should be noted that the smoke is incredibly easy on the lungs. It’s hard to describe but I’ve found myself saying it’s the closest you can get to the feel of vaping flower while still actually smoking it. Speaking of, cross checking the flavors on my GhostVapes MV1, at 170c I get a light semi-sweet floral followed up by a distant peppery jack bite, whereas at 185c it’s more of a generic musty floral. 

The headchange hit with a near immediate sense of calm but left my ability to think and focus intact. One time in particular prior to smoking I found myself ramped up over the challenge of the day and afterward, the physical anxiety I felt moments earlier was completely obliterated, although the thoughts that generated that anxiety remained, I felt I was better equipped to work through them more efficiently. Over time that sense of calm ramped up and I found myself in a really easy going state, with a que sera sera attitude, and where all of my movements felt much more deliberate yet moderately delayed. Overall I’d say this is a good strain to keep on deck for a lazy Sunday or the start to a chill evening at home. It brings that really mellow vibe that will allow you to enjoy kicking back on the couch, but doesn’t wreck you cognitively, so you can consume your favorite sort of media without losing the thread and having to constantly rewind/reload. 

All and all this is another visually stunning live cured entry from the fine folks at Curated Cannabis, and while the nose didn’t translate to the flavor on this one, if you like the effects as I’ve described them, for the ticket this goes for at Mother Nature’s Remedy (when in stock) I say you really can’t go wrong. 

MAC from Curated Cannabis

MAC from Curated Cannabis on 8/07/2020. THC tested out to 26.40%. This was gifted to me by Curated but it goes for $45 at Mother Nature’s Remedy in Woodland Hills. MAC is one of my favorite strains, so when I saw Curated had a batch coming down the line, I knew I had to get my hands on some. One of the things that sets Curated apart from other brands is their “buds per eights” count found on the label, and in this case I was lucky enough to get a solitaire, which is their nickname for a single bud eighth. This hulking champion bud is a mix of tea, moss and mint greens with occasional lavender and eggplant accents, dark brownish orange pistils, and a massive amount of tall white triches with heads so apparent they are nearly visible to the naked eye. 

The nose out of the jar is a sugary cream with a slight berry sweetness and a minor cheddar cheese sauce lean that seemed to dissipate over time. On busting open a bud, all of those sweet characteristics merge into a delicious sugar sweet fruity cream that comes off exactly like the leftover milk in a bowl of Froot Loops. Breaking it down by hand, it comes apart without much effort, and the grinds essentially have that same cereal milk smell with a hint of a spice. The dry pull on the J is a mild sweet cream with a floral spice lilt. The inhale is exceptionally smooth, and on the joint is a light sweet floral, whereas the bong is an even lighter sweet yet spicy floral. The exhale on the joint is floral with a muted cream, and off the bong is very similar, but I’d say just slightly less floral. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes, at 170c I get a slight cooling sensation and a strong floral with a hint of pine, whereas at 185c it’s a less intense floral although a slight cooling sensation still occurs. The headchange comes on post haste and smacks like MAC is wont to do. A haze quickly settles in across the eyes as a pressure hits the forehead, and while you can remain somewhat present if need be, I’d avoid anything that requires absolute focus as no matter how hard you try to remain grounded, you’ll find yourself spaced out and deep within imaginative space while being totally unaware of that fact in the moment. Even as I was writing this review I found myself thinking “Is this MAC as spacy as the last batch I had?”,  and before I knew it I was thinking about things that occured weeks ago while at the same time thinking about what I was going to do after finishing the write up, where in reality I was blankly staring off at nothing in particular with my computer sat on my lap and my cursor impatiently blinking as it waited for further input. Snapping back into reality with a headshake, the answer was fairly apparent, yes it is just as spacy as other iterations of MAC I’ve had in the past. For the ticket this goes for at Mother Natures Remedy I’d def have no problem copping it again. Excellent job once again Curated Cannabis, you guys are putting out a unique and high quality product, keep up the great work!

Wedding Pie from Curated Cannabis

Wedding Pie from Curated Cannabis on 6/12/2020. THC tested out to 24.59%. This was gifted to me but it goes for $45 pre-tax at Mother Nature’s Remedy. Yet another beautiful entry from the world of live cured flower by the fine folks down at Curated Cannabis. The surface of these chunky Moravian star like buds are a mix of chartreuse and verdant green with sporadic tinges of Grimace purple, coupled with light rusty red pistils, and a coating of cream colored triches so thick that up-close it shares a close resemblance with the legs of a hairy tarantula.

The nose out of the jar is a sweet musty grape with just a hint of vanilla on the back end. When busting open a bud the sweet grape smell broadens out to more of a mixed berry and pushes the mustiness to the background. When breaking it down by hand my fingers are left with the scent of a chalky fruit punch where the grinds themselves have a sweeter and more natural smelling fruit blend with a grape lean. The dry pull on the joint is a sweet grape and floral mix that lines up perfectly with the scent profile. The inhale is very smooth and has a light fruity sweetness on the joint where the bong is a muted mix of sweet fruit and toasted sugar. The exhale is a mix of subtle sweet grape and pear with a touch of mustiness on the joint, where on the bong it’s similar, but has more of a chalky lean and a caramel-esque follow up. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c I get a light sugary mint and floral taste where at 185c it’s more of a muted mint and pine with a slightly skunky aftertaste. The headchange comes on quickly with an initial lift but over a few minutes you start to feel that weight in your forehead as it creeps it’s way into your neck and down into the top of your shoulders. You can remain focused if needed and it really doesn’t seem to hold you back cognitively in any way, but if your focus is broken for any reason, you may find yourself spacing out. However, even in the times where I was lost in thought it was productive, I would often find myself working through problems I was trying to solve but in a more relaxed state which helped me have a couple eureka moments and press forward on the task at hand. I think it makes for a good day time strain if you’re finding yourself a little overhyped from that morning’s coffee and need something to bring you down for the afternoon without putting you to sleep a few hours later. I could see myself copping it again, especially for the ticket it goes for at Mother Nature’s Remedy Caregivers in Woodland Hills, and if you’re a fan of Wedding Pie you should definitely give it a shot and let me know what you think. Excellent work once again Curated Cannabis!

Mimosa from Curated Cannabis

Mimosa from Curated Cannabis on 4/13/2020. THC tested out to 24.63%. This was gifted to me but it goes for $65 an 8th/$300 an ounce at The Spot in Santa Ana. Curated Cannabis puts out some of the most gorgeous flower I’ve ever seen so when they invited me to check out their Mimosa I couldn’t resist. These big bulbous buds are an eye catching blend of rich indigo and deep aubergine accompanied by bright chartreuse and forest greens, flares of fireplace orange pistils and an army of tall white triches crowding into every available space, obscuring the true color of the bud from the naked eye and giving it a hazy glow.

The nose out of the jar is a very natural musty backyard orange with a strong cheesy cheeto-like backend. On busting open a bud the orange gets louder but the muted cheeto shifts into more of a light buttered popcorn undertone. When breaking it down by hand a sugar sweetness emerges, joining forces with the orange, reminding me of how Sunny D smells with hint buttered popcorn in the background. The dry pull on the joint is almost like biting into a backyard orange and is even complimented with a little zesty rind like zing. The inhale is smooth and I get a minty floral taste off the bong whereas the joint has more of a light orange musk. On the exhale I get a general sweet fruit with a bit of mint off the bong but the joint is more tightly defined as it hits the senses like a muted fresh orange juice. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes at 170c I really get a sense of that orange with a hint of buttered popcorn and at 185c that orange still stays present but is more amorphous and floral. The headchange comes on quick and gives you a gentle lift while leaving you feeling slightly slow brained and indifferent when it comes to any tasks you may have on your to-do list. It lacks the get up and go I look for in my sativas and left me sort of just sitting on the couch, head in hand, having zero motivation to do anything of consequence. This is fairly typical in my experience with Mimosa though so I wasn’t too surprised, and as always I feel a bit duped by how gorgeous plants with Purple Punch in their lineage can be, as their bark always seems so much more forceful than their bite. That said, if you’re a fan of natural orange terps and of the headchange purple punch provides, I think you’ll love this batch of Mimosa and you should give it a shot. It looks and smells absolutely fantastic but the effects didn’t strike me as something that beared repeating personally so I probably wouldn’t cop this one again.  

GSC from Curated Cannabis

GSC from Curated Cannabis on 3/4/2020. THC tested out to 26.09%. This was gifted to me but I’ve seen it on the menu for $300 an ounce at the Spot in Santa Ana. GSC is a modern classic so I was really excited to get my hands on the Curated cryo cured version of it. This is by far the most gorgeous GSC that I’ve ever laid eyes on. These beautiful buds are a light olive green with splashes of eggplant and boysenberry, peppered with burnt orange pistils, and frosted with a layer of pristinely preserved white triches which cause it to glow in natural light.

The nose out of the jar is primarily gassy with hints of must and a sugar sweetness. When breaking open a nug there’s a sugar sweet cream aspect that comes forward and pushes the mint and gas back just a bit. When busting it down by hand the scents combine into a sweet minty cream with that gas still kicking around on the backend. The dry pull of the joint had a very light sweet minty gas to it which lined up with the expectation I had after smelling it. The inhale was smooth from the joint and I got a very light mint where off the bong it had more of an earthy quality with just a hint of mint. The exhale on both had a muted floral mint taste. I will say there seems to be a slight learning curve to packing cones as the material is less dense than traditionally cured herb so I tended to smoke through this batch off the bong more often than not. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I get a floral tang with a slightly fresh quality at 170c which seemed to maintain well even at 200c but was most flavorful on the low temp. The headchange comes on quick and has a very healthy thwap that will leave you slightly dazed and spacing out at random. I found it difficult to stay focused even when having a conversation as my mind would just wander in and out of reality. While it was difficult to stay present it was a very enjoyable buzz that’ll have you feeling good and having a blast with physical chores if you have the energy. However, if you’re the least bit tired, this GSC will help you find your way to the couch and to Netflix for some old episodes of a show you’ve already watched as you potentially nap the day away. All in all, I really enjoyed this round with GSC and I could definitely see myself copping it again if I found it at the right ticket. Great work once more to the crew at Curated Cannabis!

Purple Punch from Curated Cannabis

Purple Punch from Curated Cannabis on 2/24/2020. THC tested out to 16.08%. This was gifted to me but normally retails for $300 an ounce on special at the Spot in Santa Ana. A few years back in the pre prop 64 days, I remember coming across Curated Cannabis when they were working the sesh scene and being extremely curious about their cryo cured herb, so I was hella excited when they reached out and offered me a tour of their facilities here in Santa Ana. I have to admit I am extremely impressed by the look of these fresh frozen nugs. While it’s true that Purple Punch is notorious for its bag appeal this is still, by far, the most gorgeous Purple Punch I’ve ever come across. These big beautiful whole buds are perfectly preserved in large glass jars and look like a trimmed up version of their living counterparts. The surface is a wintry lime green with deep purple accents that look like garlands rounding a Christmas tree, accompanied by scattered fireplace orange pistils and a blanket of triches so thick, it resembles a the beginnings of a healthy mountainside snowpack at the start of of winter.

The nose out of the jar is a sugary sweet cream with a helping of berry chutney and a mildly musty back end. When breaking open a bud that sweet berry cream gets louder while pushing that mustiness even further back. When breaking if down by hand the sugar sweet quality remains while a plain cereal scent jumps in to the mix as well as a bit of a savory aspect hanging around in the background. The sensation of finger grinding this particular batch is unique but not entirely alien, it’s very similar to how any fluffy herb breaks down, but has an airy trait where I did find myself packing the joints and bowls a little thicker than usual. I added a breakdown video for anyone who’s curious as to how it looks when prepped without a grinder. A dry pull on the joint has that sweet cereal attribute with a floral back end. The inhale is smooth and on the joint I get a floral tang where it’s more of an earthy floral experience on the bong. The exhale on the joint has a tiny floral kick, but is mostly nondescript where as on the bong, it’s a bit more defined but I’d still describe it as a muted sweet floral experience. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I get a heavily floral and fresh taste with some sugar sweetness making itself known in the background. The headchange is as to be expected with purple punch in my experience. It’s sedative and tends to creep over time but lacks a satisfying cerebral smack that you would expect when judging it on looks alone. Due to this, I feel like Purple Punch has a lot of detractors but there are people who are fans of the strain, my girlfriend being one of them. She absolutely loved this cut of Purple Punch and if you’re a fan as well then I believe you’ll be extremely pleased with the Curated Cannabis cryo cured version of it. Personal preference on Purple Punch aside it’s obvious the folks at Curated are extremely passionate about Cannabis, preserving it in its most prime and pristine state, which is a truly unique experience for a majority of recreational consumers. Props to all the folks down at Curated Cannabis for the excellent work!