Clockwork Elves (sativa variant) from 3C Farms

Clockwork Elves (sativa variant) from 3C Farms via OG Cannabis Cafe on 2/21/2020. THCa tested out to 33.27%. Not going to mention what I picked it up for here so the post doesn’t get deleted but hit the link in my bio for a 100% uncensored review. Moonrocks have always been one of those things that seem awesome in theory but in common practice have become a way to peddle garbage weed soaked in subpar oil covered in green plant dust. So when Red showed me a nug of Clockwork Elves for the first time at the Cannabis Cafe I was so blown away by its appearance that it took me a full minute to understand what I was even looking at. These nugs are essentially big blonde boulders comprised of a fresh sticky bud core that’s inundated with a golden dry sift to the point that it clumps and clings to the bud to form a colossal kief cocoon.

The nose out of the jar in this particular case was “the jackiest jack” according to my notes. It’s the beautiful floral potpourri with zesty spice rack twist that screams Jack Herer (or in this case Jack Kraken) to anyone who’s familiar with the strain. When you break open a bud you see exactly how thick the blanket of kief is as mini avalanches careen off the edges of the bud and all over anything that happens to be below it. The scent remains mostly the same as it’s jack through and through. When broken down by hand it leaves a heavily floral yet sweet and minty smell on the fingers while the grinds have a deep rich jack quality that’s so intense it hits the nose like a strong perfume. The dry pull on the jay has a heavily floral taste with a bit of sweet gas on the tail end that lingers on the tongue for just a moment. The inhale is smooth and offers a subtle floral gas on the joint while the bong leans more earthy in tone. The exhale is a strong gassy perfume off the joint while off the bong it’s a less intense flavor but still floral with a minor spice in the background that tickles the septum ever so slightly. The headchange hits quickly with an energetic clear headed smack. I was able to stay motivated, focused, and on task without issue which is exactly what I look for in a sativa. This is perfect wake and bake smoke, and something I’d be happy to smoke at any point of day frankly, unless I’m trying to get to bed. I’m really impressed with this batch of Clockwork Elves and the concept as a whole. It’s a very unique and clean way to amp up your bud and for the ticket it goes for at Coast to Coast in the Valley I’m absolutely going to pick some up again. Awesome job by all the folks at 3C Farms, keep up the great work!

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