Butter Pecan from Norcal Nemo

Butter Pecan from the one and only Norcal Nemo on 2/28/2020. Shoutout to mr.don_fuego for the assist and Gulf Coast Haze Collective for always scouting the most supreme firepower Cali has to offer! THC info not available at this time. I was gifted this sample but it’s very limited so it’s IYKYK status. Butter Pecan is another extremely limited release from Norcal Nemo and I feel tremendously privileged to get my hands on 1 of 11 jars floating around in California. This herb is so absolutely gorgeous that, when coupled with the unreal scent, it elicits a visceral reaction from deep within that’s difficult to put into words. The buds are a patchwork of light lime and dark forest greens but truth be told, it’s terrifically difficult to make out the nuances of color under the mass amount of tall snowy white pistils crowding every centimeter of available space, only giving way to flares of twine colored pistils wildly whipping through the surface like the tentacles of the monsters from Edge of Tomorrow.

The nose out of the jar is a delicious sweet nutty vanilla cream with a touch of fuel and must that really does smell very similar to a freshly opened pint of Butter Pecan ice cream. On breaking the bud, there’s a fresh minty element that takes center stage coupled with a floral perfume smell, but that sweet creamy nuttiness is still kicking around in the background. When busting it down by hand my incredibly sticky fingers had a smell that hit my nose like some fancy pancake syrup you might find at Trader Joe’s that’s been infused with Hibiscus for some reason, very sweet and floral, while the grinds keep pushing out that fresh mint with a nutty vanilla cream back end. The dry pull on the jay has a very sweet vanilla cream taste with just a bit of nuttiness in the background. The inhale is smooth and I get a toasted marshmallow off the joint, while the bong offers a fresh floral sensation up top, chased by that nutty vanilla cream. The exhale from the joint comes strong with that floral perfume quality while off the bong there’s sugar sweetness that dominates overall with some subtle nutty cream and hints of mint and gas. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial , the most flavorful experience came in on the low temp at 170c, which really brought a rich floral flavor with mint and pine. I tried it on both 185c and 200c and while the floral quality remained, it diminished as the temp raised, as where the mint and pine vanished completely. The headchange comes on quickly and with a warm fuzzy long lasting smack that wraps around your forehead and back of your eyes like a slap bracelet straight out of the 90’s. While I’m able to stay focused and hold conversations without issue, I feel a bit of that body pressure on my shoulders while my head feels light and floaty, and I get some ASMR tingles running down the top of my spine. I would say that I absolutely loved this batch of Butter Pecan but it goes beyond that. I find myself having a reverence for it, which frankly, extends to all of the herb that I’ve tried from Norcal Nemo. There’s a level of wizardry at work here which I’ve only been witness to a few times in my life and has my deepest respect. I may have tried to praise it properly in written form, however, it’s so outstanding it nearly defies earthly description and is the sort of weed that you remember for years to come. Exceedingly excellent work by Norcal Nemo, truly masterful, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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