GSC from Curated Cannabis

GSC from Curated Cannabis on 3/4/2020. THC tested out to 26.09%. This was gifted to me but I’ve seen it on the menu for $300 an ounce at the Spot in Santa Ana. GSC is a modern classic so I was really excited to get my hands on the Curated cryo cured version of it. This is by far the most gorgeous GSC that I’ve ever laid eyes on. These beautiful buds are a light olive green with splashes of eggplant and boysenberry, peppered with burnt orange pistils, and frosted with a layer of pristinely preserved white triches which cause it to glow in natural light.

The nose out of the jar is primarily gassy with hints of must and a sugar sweetness. When breaking open a nug there’s a sugar sweet cream aspect that comes forward and pushes the mint and gas back just a bit. When busting it down by hand the scents combine into a sweet minty cream with that gas still kicking around on the backend. The dry pull of the joint had a very light sweet minty gas to it which lined up with the expectation I had after smelling it. The inhale was smooth from the joint and I got a very light mint where off the bong it had more of an earthy quality with just a hint of mint. The exhale on both had a muted floral mint taste. I will say there seems to be a slight learning curve to packing cones as the material is less dense than traditionally cured herb so I tended to smoke through this batch off the bong more often than not. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial I get a floral tang with a slightly fresh quality at 170c which seemed to maintain well even at 200c but was most flavorful on the low temp. The headchange comes on quick and has a very healthy thwap that will leave you slightly dazed and spacing out at random. I found it difficult to stay focused even when having a conversation as my mind would just wander in and out of reality. While it was difficult to stay present it was a very enjoyable buzz that’ll have you feeling good and having a blast with physical chores if you have the energy. However, if you’re the least bit tired, this GSC will help you find your way to the couch and to Netflix for some old episodes of a show you’ve already watched as you potentially nap the day away. All in all, I really enjoyed this round with GSC and I could definitely see myself copping it again if I found it at the right ticket. Great work once more to the crew at Curated Cannabis!

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