Raspberry Dosido from Flowers by Fidels

Raspberry Dosido from Flowers by Fidels via Dabberchan Inc on 5/17/2020. No THC test results listed as this is traditional market flower. This usually goes for $40-50 from what I understand. Another absolute banger from Flowers by Fidels. These dense buds are a beautiful mix of string bean green and rich byzantium, plentiful fireplace orange pistils, and a blanket of cream colored triches that get so thick at times it looks like a small snow plow rolled through and made tiny berms along the surface of the nug.

The nose out the jar is a natural smelling berry that reminds me of freshly made fruit preserves with a musty undertone. On busting open a bud, it’s essentially the same, but the fruit smell brightens up a bit and there’s also a faint mint  in the background. Breaking it down by hand that sweet fruit smell seems to morph into more of a powdered fruit punch drink kind of sweet with a hint of mint on the backend. The dry pull on the jay is fruity sweet with a touch of mint which lines up the scent profile perfectly.  The inhale is smooth and has a floral earthy sweet quality on the bong, whereas on the joint that sweet fruit really shines through and makes itself know. The exhale off the bong has a sugar sweetness with the fruit coming in more muted, but on the joint, it’s more of a mild natural sweetness that strikes me as a smoke version of a raspberry Arizona Iced Tea. Cross checking the flavor on my MV1 from @ghostvapesofficial at 170c I get a sweet berry with heavy mint and a touch of floral, where at 185c, the sweet berry flavor surprisingly intensifies while bringing a musty quality with it, as those mint and floral notes continue to kick around in the background. This was definitely one of the more flavorful and complex vape experiences in recent memory. The headchange comes on quick and with a dumbfounding thwack that will leave you rooted in every positive aspect of the word. There’s a haziness that puts pressure on the back of your eyes as it creeps into your shoulders and puts a weight on your limbs that’s only second to the strain it puts on your cognition. Your brain will cease to function for any sort of strenuous task but you’ll also very much cease to care. It’s a great end of week strain that can quickly put your mind and body at ease. I really enjoyed this batch of Raspberry Dosido and would cop another jar without hesitation. Great work once again Fidel Hydro, it’s evident from the last couple batches that you put out some superior quality flower, I’m very excited to see what comes down the line next. 

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