MAC from Curated Cannabis

MAC from Curated Cannabis on 8/07/2020. THC tested out to 26.40%. This was gifted to me by Curated but it goes for $45 at Mother Nature’s Remedy in Woodland Hills. MAC is one of my favorite strains, so when I saw Curated had a batch coming down the line, I knew I had to get my hands on some. One of the things that sets Curated apart from other brands is their “buds per eights” count found on the label, and in this case I was lucky enough to get a solitaire, which is their nickname for a single bud eighth. This hulking champion bud is a mix of tea, moss and mint greens with occasional lavender and eggplant accents, dark brownish orange pistils, and a massive amount of tall white triches with heads so apparent they are nearly visible to the naked eye. 

The nose out of the jar is a sugary cream with a slight berry sweetness and a minor cheddar cheese sauce lean that seemed to dissipate over time. On busting open a bud, all of those sweet characteristics merge into a delicious sugar sweet fruity cream that comes off exactly like the leftover milk in a bowl of Froot Loops. Breaking it down by hand, it comes apart without much effort, and the grinds essentially have that same cereal milk smell with a hint of a spice. The dry pull on the J is a mild sweet cream with a floral spice lilt. The inhale is exceptionally smooth, and on the joint is a light sweet floral, whereas the bong is an even lighter sweet yet spicy floral. The exhale on the joint is floral with a muted cream, and off the bong is very similar, but I’d say just slightly less floral. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes, at 170c I get a slight cooling sensation and a strong floral with a hint of pine, whereas at 185c it’s a less intense floral although a slight cooling sensation still occurs. The headchange comes on post haste and smacks like MAC is wont to do. A haze quickly settles in across the eyes as a pressure hits the forehead, and while you can remain somewhat present if need be, I’d avoid anything that requires absolute focus as no matter how hard you try to remain grounded, you’ll find yourself spaced out and deep within imaginative space while being totally unaware of that fact in the moment. Even as I was writing this review I found myself thinking “Is this MAC as spacy as the last batch I had?”,  and before I knew it I was thinking about things that occured weeks ago while at the same time thinking about what I was going to do after finishing the write up, where in reality I was blankly staring off at nothing in particular with my computer sat on my lap and my cursor impatiently blinking as it waited for further input. Snapping back into reality with a headshake, the answer was fairly apparent, yes it is just as spacy as other iterations of MAC I’ve had in the past. For the ticket this goes for at Mother Natures Remedy I’d def have no problem copping it again. Excellent job once again Curated Cannabis, you guys are putting out a unique and high quality product, keep up the great work!

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