Fibonacci from Cali Kush Farms

Fibonacci from Cali Kush Farms via The Kind Center on 10/20/2020 (shout out to my dude Cary for making it happen!). THC tested out to 31.69%. I was gifted this but it goes for . Huge shoutout up top to Abstrax Labs for reasons that will become clear later in the review. I had heard Fibonacci was a solid banger from a few different folks so I was stoked to see it in my Kind Center sample pack. The surface of these beautiful christmas tree shaped nugs are mostly a deep rich purple that dips into midnight blue with patches of chartreuse and forest green, plentiful pops of pumpkin pie colored pistils, all of which is absolutely flooded with a tsunami of glistening egg cream colored triches.

The nose out the jar is a sweet must overall, but when you give it a deep whiff there’s this echo of a sweet vomit like funk hovering around on the back end. On busting open a bud, a muted sweet cream emerges with a touch of that vomity funk kicking around in the background and just a hint of pastry. Breaking it down by hand you really get a sense for it’s solid density. It leaves a grungy semi-sweet yet savory zest on the fingertips, while the grinds themselves have that sweet vomity funk uptop with this additional cinnamon spice like element that’s hard to pin down, but comes off sort of like a sugar cookie or snickerdoodle when you pull back from it a bit. The dry pull on the joint has a strong semi minty candy sweetness that leaves a bit of a sugar smack on the lip afterward. The inhale on both the bong and the joint is smooth, and comes with a slightly chalky candy sweetness on the former, whereas it’s more of a fresh sweet floral on the latter. On the exhale from the bong I get a bit of a sweet chalky floral with a touch of cream, where the joint comes off as a sugar sweet floral with a distant acidic twist. Cross checking the flavors on my MV1 from Ghost Vapes at 170c, I get a sweet candy floral with a minty pine undertone, and at 185c it remains sweet but comes with a chalky lean and a piney floral chaser. Enter the awesome folks at Abstrax Labs. Utilizing advanced chemical techniques far beyond my understanding, they’re able to take small samples of bud and run it through a process that reveals every terpene and aroma compound within it and make it into an easy to read data sheet, which I thought would be fun and informative to compare against my subjective experience with any given strain. While it may not align perfectly with my individual take on the strain, it is interesting to go over the data and see how it matches up with my experience, and maybe give me some better and broader understanding of flavors that are difficult to pin down.

This brings us back to the headchange, which comes on quick with a hazy touch, leaving me feeling slightly weightless and spacy. It depletes any sense of urgency I may have had, and while there are points where I lose the thread, for the most part I feel present and cognitively capable although easily distracted. Physically, while I do feel floaty and get a little bit of that ASMR like tingle at the base of my skull, I have zero motivation to leave my position on the couch and the idea of laying down becomes more enticing with every passing moment. It’s perfectly complementary to a lazy sunday where the only thing I have on the agenda is a few hours with Paper Mario and picking a series to mow through on Hulu. All and all, I really enjoyed my time with this batch of Fibonacci and I could definitely see myself grabbing some more, especially for the ticket it goes for at The Kind Center. Excellent stuff once again Cali Kush Farms, you guys push out some solid heat no doubt, keep up the great work!

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