Spiked Mai Tai from Jungle Boys

So this one was a bit disappointing for me because I was really excited by the cross but was really let down by the flavor. The appearance is great but if anything a little boring as being a nice lime green with a little bit of orange hairs sprouting out here and there. But it does have a nice coating of frost to make up for the lack up contrasting colors that i normally love to see.
The smoke was clean and smooth and burned perfectly. The high was relatively strong and had a relaxing chill vibe to it. Definitely good late afternoon smoke for me as I want to wind down and relax. The taste and smell is where it really let me down. It was as if the 2 strains combined and muted each other out because it was very generic with none of the hints orange or fruit undertone from the Mai Thai or gassy earthiness of Jungle Cake. At $50 an eighth I’m ok with this miss but wouldn’t grab again unless I heard the next batch had a better terp profile and was much louder coming out of the bag. 

One thought on “Spiked Mai Tai from Jungle Boys

  1. Here’s the thing with reviews, and in this case there’s one review, in fact this is my first review, I just couldnt let it stay like this. Reviews are opinion based but from a generalized view you can gather which way this strain is leaning towards but there is only one review I love all of this plant marihuana and know it’s effects this is a beautiful strain it is excellent I don’t even know what percentage hybrid but if you know about the quality of sativas or the difference between the two types your review this strain as some good ass shit, sorry about the language its my first review . it’s. All the way two thumbs up, heavy thumbs. Or they wouldn’t call me knowshisshit ya feel me


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