Super Kushmints By Lionboldt Farms. (Hippy Cut)

Nice fancy hype packaging

So of all the flavors I was able to get by Lionboldt Farms this one was my favorite. The flavor profile was all gas and was rough on your throat in that good this shit is fire way. With that burning rubber gas terps and slightly minty spice on the exhale. Still slightly bitter as the cure wasn’t 100% on this one either but I don’t want to obsess. The look of this flower was almost as intimidating as the rumors of the powerful high that comes along with it. A combo of dark purple almost black pedals and a nice forest green pedals. With sparatic orange hairs popping everywhere. Nice propperly dense nugs not overdone and well trimmed with a healthy amount of frost to get you excited to smoke.

The high on this was absolutely fantastic. Nothing unique or different just strong as fuck and smacks you in the face. This strain is the reason I would like to catch some other flavors at a different batch. The price on this $70 an 1/8 all the way up. For black market flowers where no taxes or licensing fees are being paid there’s a lot of profit in there so that’s why I am judging this brand to hard. At prices well over Doha’s Rs11 I expect that same quality or better. This one almost hit that mark.

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