Garanimals By Cannabis Chris Full Melt

Love the artwork here! Most comments I’ve ever had on the hash labels

Another special one from the man himself Cannabis Chris. On a seemingly run of the mill strain I began hearing rumors of some unique terps and quite the punch it packs. So as always his melt looks fantastic and flags up quite nicely. The smell on this sweet and fruity with a fresh doughnut smell lingering in there.


The taste was awesome as it basically tasted like a grape doughnut. And really shocked me because garanimals always came off as a blander wedding cake for me. Knowing it was crossed with grape pie this was always confusing. The high packs a nice euphoric punch that leaves you easily getting couch locked and losing track of time. My best advice is do not get sidetracked to the bed or the couch or whatever plans you had are gone. This is another prime example of why most of what I’m purchasing right now comes from this brand. The price is steep on this when you consider it’s a daily medicine averaging at about $90 a gram but when you consider it’s competitors in that market and their prices and quality this is priced more than fairly.

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