Cookies and Cream by The Real Cannabis Chris

Well first I’m bummed I missed this one in the melt and Fp release as I didn’t hear about the unique terps until it was too late. As always the Cold Cure is very easy to work with. I don’t have any info on the wash count but for full spec the color is still very pleasing. Had a very nice warm butter texture but I feel could have been wetter.

The smell on this was a muted sweet cereal milk after sitting in a fruity cereal. The taste was really nice with Vanilla and and earthy flavors coming in on the inhale and a nice sweet fruit flavor on the exhale. I couldn’t identify as strawberry myself but maybe in the other forms becomes more evident. The high was relaxing and definitely a mood enhancer and mellow enough for this to be a good strain to start with when begging to dab. Cannabis Chris has been very consistent and really seems to take pride in his work in a way that some of best in the business do and that number sadly seems to be shrinking. I can’t recommend his Fs Cc as the premier way to sample his terps but if looking for a more affordable way to get these unique terps and clean medicine then this is the way to go no doubt. At $75 a gram you’d be hard pressed to find anything like this anywhere else.

2 thoughts on “Cookies and Cream by The Real Cannabis Chris

  1. TheRealcannabis_chris gives me racist vibes so i stop purchasing his terps. .. reason why. My homegirl who is black put me on to chris. She had 6 different terps. She took a photo and sent it to chris. He just left her on read, but hell post white people with his product all day in his stories on i.g she even try to get bulk and he shood her off to one of his 3rd party reps.


    1. Sorry I didn’t see this till just now. I don’t think he’s racist man. His main guy up north Lebron Terps is black. His guy down south is Korean and he’s always super cool and repost’s my stuff and I’m Mexican. It also doesn’t surprise me he wouldn’t serve your girl wholesale because that’s just not how it works. Lot of these guys have agreements with plugs so nobody gets undercut. It’s a silly reason to assume someone is racist.


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