Cookies and Cream by The Real Cannabis Chris

Well first I’m bummed I missed this one in the melt and Fp release as I didn’t hear about the unique terps until it was too late. As always the Cold Cure is very easy to work with. I don’t have any info on the wash count but for full spec the color is still very pleasing. Had a very nice warm butter texture but I feel could have been wetter.

The smell on this was a muted sweet cereal milk after sitting in a fruity cereal. The taste was really nice with Vanilla and and earthy flavors coming in on the inhale and a nice sweet fruit flavor on the exhale. I couldn’t identify as strawberry myself but maybe in the other forms becomes more evident. The high was relaxing and definitely a mood enhancer and mellow enough for this to be a good strain to start with when begging to dab. Cannabis Chris has been very consistent and really seems to take pride in his work in a way that some of best in the business do and that number sadly seems to be shrinking. I can’t recommend his Fs Cc as the premier way to sample his terps but if looking for a more affordable way to get these unique terps and clean medicine then this is the way to go no doubt. At $75 a gram you’d be hard pressed to find anything like this anywhere else.

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