Dosi Killer By Jungle Boys

This is another top strain by Jungle Boys. The appearance is gnarly with all kinds of purples, greens and orange covered in a thick blanket of trichomes. Slightly fluffy at the top in a good way and still dense well trimmed flowers.

The smell hits you as soon as you break the seal and it’s all gas and cake terps and just makes me want to stick my whole head in the bag. The taste is the same with earthy and slightly fruity with the sweet terps on the exhale. A super clean and smooth smoke too really couldn’t get enough. Although the high was plenty strong and definitely a mood enhancer I was surprised because I really thought would be even stronger and even a slumper but just left me relaxed and in great spirts. Definitely want more of this and would be interested with what some other growers could do with these genetics. As in typical fashion Jungle boys have another winner with this one no doubt.

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