ZRoyale By Royal Key Organics

Really quality container that I reuse for flowers that come in bags.

Really enjoy this brand and flowers grown with this tech. Living soil reused with organic teas etc. I’m not a grower and so when I speak on this that should be considered. The flowers have a very healthy coating of resin that makes it hard to make out the colors but it’s a nice green with some purple hidden in there and batches of orange hairs with a nice structure that’s easy to break apart.

The smells on this were complex with sweetness and earthy smells strong and a bit of cheese and citrus as well Smells really fresh and it’s a very enjoyable smell. On taste the cheese and earthy woods smells seem to really take over with sweetness on the exhale. Couldn’t taste the citrus and that was surprising but still very enjoyable. The high was a good strength for a relaxing high that really improved my mood and lowered my stress. My only real complaint is that I only see 2 different strains from them available and definitely would like to see them expand their menu a bit. I’ve heard and seen that they’ve been doing that so hopefully I’ll get to try soon.

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