Candy Cake By Jungle Boys

So the appearance on this one is interesting. Definitely some of that easy to identify Zkittlez bud structure but what is different is the nice layer of trichomes that take away from that typical mids look to it. Appears very light green with specs of purps peeking out from the orange pistils, trics and light green flower and very densely formed.

I was really concerned that all this cake would take away from the Zkittlez candy terps. But thankfully as soon as you stick your nose in you’re met with this doughy sweet candy smell and was really excited to smoke. The Candy Cake terps are candy with some vanilla cake flavors and some earthy Og on the exhale. For such a sweet taste the high was strong and if I wasn’t careful would put me out. Definitely felt relaxed and happy but not a great strain for trying to get motivated and move as this had me feeling lazy and silly. I was really pleasantly surprised by this as the Zkittlez cake is real hit or miss on terps but glad I decided to go ahead and scoop. Jungle boys are always really reasonable on the prices too with med discounts and other in store specials.

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