M.Con #7 By Royal Key Organics

Right now this is one of the growers I’m really excited about. Their flowers have been consistently great. These ones looks amazing first thing that pops is the neon green buds covered in so much resin that the purps almost look grey. Nice bit of oranges mostly at the top. Also has that slight fluffy look dense enough to be healthy but fluffy enough to look natural. Great easy structure to break apart.

The smells on this weren’t very exotic but enjoyable and strong none the less. Mostly got a sweet earthy combo of pine tree and spice. When smoking the taste becomes more complex like a floral combo of citrus and pine trees. Sounds weird but was really good. Sometimes I could taste the spice but not always. This stuff always burns really nice and no black ashes and a purfect cure for me. The high really smacks you in the face. Comes on hard and heavy and you will get stuck if not careful. I did!

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