Sour Garlic Cookies By The Real Cannabis Chris

Wow when you open this jar you’re met with wave of stank that really let’s you know what you’re in for. Typical super clean 6 star melt that I’ve come to expect by Chris. This stuff looks like the sandy white beaches in the Bahamas can’t find any signs of anything but nice tricome heads. Melts really nice with no unwanted residue.

The smell on this one is a raunchy and savory smell that always reminds me of onions and Dmt. It taste heavy of garlic and onions and no sign of that Dmt smell thank goodness. There is also a doughiness to this one I haven’t detected before but almost gave it a creaminess. The sour comes through in the beginning then at the end and is really an enjoyable addition to the Gmo taste and I wish it was a little more prevalent. The high on this one sat me down and got me stuck. Not super sleepy but just spacey and felt a little like a micro dose of shrooms and I decided to play drums while high and although it was sloppy it was a ton of fun. I would recommend this one for someone looking for that special high and recommend you take it easy if a novice dabber. This one can be delivered in La for 95 a gram and for the quality you receive I’d say it’s definitely worth it.

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