Guava 2.0 By Connected

This is one of those flowers that looks mean. With the dark purples and almost red orange hairs and only little bits of green catching the eye that give it an ominous look. Great bud structure and trim. Very easy to break apart and work with.

Now when I see Guava I get excited and almost always buy it. So how was this one? The Smell was very disappointing as no real tropical or putrid smells I’m used to with guava. Instead a little sweet and burnt inorganic material. (Very similar smell to the gushers) The smoke tasted sweet and earthy with musky notes at the end. But like the gushers as well was very rough on my throat and I didn’t enjoy smoking. The high was good but nothing special by the time the pain of dying was over. Out of all the recent connected purchases made I was only really happy with one. Weird because I’ve been really happy with the last few Alien drops and I thought they were basically the same company. Best advice I can give you is stay away from connected right now. Too hit or miss for the very top tier of cost.

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