Trop Cherry By West Coast Alchemy

This will be my first review of the new style of Wca. All cold cure and in the new containers with the fancy hype packaging that everyone seems to enjoy myself included. I’m skipping ahead to do this one for a special request. I’m pretty excited for this one because the source material was from Kaya Farms and have heard great things. The look of this stuff is always really appetizing in pictures as it has a nice color to it and always looks wet. Mine was no different with a very creamy texture.

The smell was very nice with with sour and sweet notes of fruit coming in definitely some orange and something else that I’ll attribute to the cherry taste but could almost be raspberry too. The sour and citrus come out really strong and burns your nose a little when taking a deep inhale. The taste was also really good but I feel the orange flavors really took over the cherry but the cherry softened and sweetened the orange to be more like orange candy combined with fruit punch candy instead of that funky almost rotten orange taste I typically associate with trop cookies. The high was a nice hard hitter that could set you for a nice relaxing evening or if not careful can put you out. This stuff is super expensive at 110 a gram and I don’t know that I can say it’s worth it with so much fire available at better prices but all in all it didn’t disappoint and led me to buy more.

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