Rainbow Belts By Jungle Boys

The name alone had me excited about this latest offering by The Jungle Boys as I love sour candy belts and this made me think of that instantly. The buds on her look quite nice, big and fluffy with bright neon greens with subtle darker greens hidden in there. Lots of little orange pistils peeking out everywhere and a nice dusting trichomes really rounds out this wonderful but not to unique looking flowers. Great structure and easy to work with.

When sticking your head in the bad your instantly met with musty sweet and fruity smell that really met my expectations of what I was hoping for. With citrus and berries and candy terps coming out the strongest. When smoking the first thing I noticed was a nice wave of euphoria wash over me and then a nice body relaxing sensation settles it out. Not too crazy strong but definitely a sit back and relax type smoke for me. As almost always this was well cured and smoked so nice. I’d definitely like to get this strain again from Jungle boys but would like to try some other brands take on it as well. I think this in hash would be really nice too. I know there’s a lot of hate out there but for me Jungle Boys has consistent fire that’s easy to get and seems to always smoke clean. At Med prices at 49 an eighth and constant deals and discounts they definitely keep it at reasonable price.

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