Sunset Cookies By 710 Labs

This flower as with every 710 flower I’ve ever had looks beautiful! Nice neon greens and dark purples hidden under the sporadic orange pistils and healthy coating of trichomes. Great cure that gives you that satisfaction snap as you break apart.

The smell on this was very underwhelming and smelled like fresh baked dough of some of the cookie strains and maybe slight bit of gas but just barely. Also some musky pine and earthiness to it. When smoking the taste was just as boring and just tasted like that earthy and doughiness. No sweetness and not much funk or gas and the flavors that were there were all very subtle. Still smoked smooth and clean. The high was decent with a nice relaxing feeling coming over me when I smoked. Overall this was very disappointing “top shelf flower” and that seems to be a problem with 710 flowers very hit or miss considering the price they demand. Overall I’ll keep trying their flowers and definitely rebuy some of their top strains but definitely need to choose wisely.

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