Zkittlez By Surefire Selections

No fancy packaging here and none needed

I don’t know what it is about Zkittlez but it always looks like shit. 🤦‍♂️😂 This one has that same mids looking bush weed look to it. Might have had a little more frost than I’m used to seeing but yeah looking all mids. The cure was nice and the flowers were very easy and nice to work with.

The smell was amazing as this was easily some of the loudest Zkittlez I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. Those all too familiar candy terps just smack you in the face with the sweetness and that bit of almost mint cooling on the exhale fucking love it. The other thing about this was it smacked. I mean everytime I smoked it I was oh shit I’m high. Very few strains make me feel that way with one bong rip and not even a Zkittlez dab has hit me like this one did. Not the super head rush of a dab but just a lot heavier and longer lasting. I will definitely grab more of this and wish it was the only Zkittlez I smoked.

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