Doughnut Joints By Holly Rollers

Surefire selections 1 g lemon up x hash engineers .3 SherBx1 hash. Surefire selections 2g Z41 x .5 hash engineers wedding cake.

This is a bit different reviewing some joints. I’ll start with the smaller one. The smell and dry pull was all lemon terps and had me very excited to smoke. Once smoking there were a couple issues. First and main problem was it was very hard to pull and wasn’t burning well. Also didn’t really create the famous doughnut hole that everyone looks for till the very end. The taste was nice on the flowers but couldn’t really taste the hash. I smoked with 4 people and had a decent head change from it not to bad considering the size and the amount of people I was sharing with.

The bigger one was a much better experience as first and foremost it smoked a lot easier and never felt plugged up. On the dry pull I could taste the sweet and gassy terps from the flowers. Once smoking you could taste the sweet and gassy terps but also the doughiness of the wedding cake came through along with that slightly different taste that happens when you smoke hash on top of a flower bowl. It was a really enjoyable combo and terps really combined to create a nice sweet cake and gas flavor that I think everyone would be stoked to try. I smoked with 2 people and had a strong high after that lasted for some time. Overall I think this is a very nice product that is being made with great source material. I would abandon the smaller ones and stick to the bigger ones for a better experience. I hear they’re doing even larger ones 3.5grams of flowers and 1 gram of hash and I’m going to try and get my hands on one ASAP.

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