M. Con no. 8 from Royal Key Organics

M. Con no. 8 from Royal Key Organics via Catalyst Santa Ana on 02/08/2021. THC tested out to 19.7%. Purchased for about $38 out the door because of the Super Bowl Discount, normally it would be $69 out the door. I have been admiring Royal Key’s M. Con phenos from a far for a long time now, so when Catalyst had their killer Super Bowl sale and I noticed that M. Con #8 was on the menu, I jumped at the chance to get it on a discount. The surface of these semi dense bulbous buds is a mix of fern and tea greens that subtly shift into warm pulses of plum and aubergine, coupled with sporadic pops of royal and tiger orange pistils, all of which is absolutely drenched in a deluge of white and egg cream colored triches.

The nose out of the jar is a musty spice with underlying floral sweetness and quiet grape. Busting open a bud, the sweetness amps up as the grape sharpens, while tones of mint and pine kick around in the background. Breaking it down by hand my fingertips smell of sweet pine, while the grinds themselves are a light sweet fruit coupled with pine and mint, all which is backended by a floral quality with a perfume edge. The dry pull on the joint is a light sweet floral with a hint of grape lead fruitiness and freshness. The inhale is smooth and on both the joint and the bong and carries that light sweet floral to fruition. The exhale on the joint is mostly a light sweet floral as well but it has a hint of grape and must in the background, whereas on the joint that sweet grape really comes through up top, pushing any semblance of that floral must to the wings. Cross checking the flavor on my Ghost Vapes MV1, at 170c I get a slight cooling sensation on the way in while on the exhale I catch heavy pine with a touch of sweet floral, whereas at 185c I still get some cooling on the way in but the exhale is much more floral, and the pine shifts slightly to a pine-sol like finish as opposed to straight pine. The headchange comes on quick but is very mild in nature. Physically, I feel a slight haze across the top of my eyes and a light weight in the shoulders, however it’s nowhere near incapacitating and feels very complementary to chill activities. Mentally I am relaxed and able to focus as needed. While I might be apprehensive about have to make a professional presentation or any other activity where I’m required to be on my A-game because there are real world stakes, in a causal situation, it’s perfect for kicking back and conversing because I’m easily able to stay present and not constantly losing the thread. If you’re looking for a brain busting herb that will send you to outer space this one probably isn’t for you, but I found it to be some quality long lasting any time smoke with an old school feel, and I definitely enjoyed my time with it. That said, for near $70 I’d be hesitant to cop it again just because it didn’t quite stand out enough for me effects wise to bear repeating, but for $38 it was a steal and a half and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Great work Royal Key, from this one batch it’s evident that you put out some quality flower, I’d love to get into more of your library. 

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