Chemist By Connected

When I saw this drop I got pretty excited and grabbed one for me and a buddy. The looks on this one are pretty nice. Definitely some purples and lime peel green going on and so many trichomes that it really changes the color of the flowers to almost a steel blue or grey. All the nugs were pretty small and made it a slightly obnoxious when breaking apart but overall the structure was workable.

The nose of this was doughy and sweet with a little bit of gas. Yeah a little bit of gas that surprised me too along with that wasn’t the common stinking pungent gas of chem d that I’m used to and was looking forward to. When smoking it really smoked like a biscotti with some sweet doughiness to it and some herbal tea and none of the chem d funk that is very prevalent in GMO. I have to say even though the taste wasn’t bad was quite good actually was still a disappointment because they didn’t pop like I expected them too. The high was nice and definitely a sit relax and don’t try to do anything to complicated type high it still wasn’t the slumper I was expecting or have read about. Overall this wasn’t as disappointing as most of the connected smoke over the last couple months it was also nothing special and very forgettable. Ask my buddy who had to keep reminding me that there was 2 strains from connected that weren’t completely trash. 🤦‍♂️😂

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