Xeno By Alien Labs

I was very interested in this strain as it seems to be Blue Zushi with a different name. Even though I’ve yet to review it l’m a fan of blue Zushi so my interest was peeked. I’m really disappointed with the pictures I took as it really doesn’t do this flowers justice. With hunter green as the main feature the large amount of trichomes make some of it look like a lighter more muted green similar to green tea extract in color. With rusty orange pistils popping everywhere this is some wonderful looking flower. Structure was great and easy to work with.

When smelling I noticed a sweetness that reminded me of smell of sweet tarts and skittles with some skunky pine and mint. When smoking I really noticed how clean it was smoking and no taste of chemical or bitterness and very sweet candy terps with a cooling sensation in my mouth but doesn’t quite taste minty. The high was energetic and uplifting and a great strain for being creative I noticed myself getting sidetracked and spacing out on ideas quite often. I was recently told that even though they’re owned by the same parent company as connected they have completely different grows and crew. I don’t know this to be true but with differences in quality and smoke I do believe it. I can’t really say that they’re always worth they’re price tag I can tell you they’re doing much better than their sister company.

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