Gelonade by Connected

This is a very popular strain and I definitely get why. In the looks department she’s quite pretty. With dark almost black purples and some darker hunter green leaves and an orange red for the pistils that looks like rust this flower has some colors that really pop to the eye. This flower felt like it was cured ok and the structure was very easy to work with.

The nose on gelonade is always heavy on the lemon tree and this one was no different with that gassy smell of overripe citrus and definitely a creamy sweetness that really was enjoyable. When smoking the citrus pops the most with a definite creamy finish and that pungent gas that is just there the whole time. On a negative note there was this bitterness after you taste the creaminess that was unpleasant and really out of place thankfully it wasn’t too strong. The high was a nice relaxing one that you feel creep down from your eyes all the way to your feet. I wasn’t a space cadet but also had issues staying focused on anything I was trying to accomplish. Overall I’m pretty sure connected isn’t top shelf weed anymore this strain being the one possible exception as the flavors really do pop and the high is really good but it’s quite a shame what they charge vs the quality you get. I’ll probably be done buying connected for a bit until I see some new flavors or hear their reputation is improving.

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