Zlushee by Seven Leaves

After trying the Blueberry Zkittlez I was pretty stoked and wanted to try more by Seven Leaves. I saw the Zlushee and it sounded delicious. On an interesting note the bud tender was telling me that this grow focuses more on terpenes and taste than anything else and so the high might not be great. The reason that stood out to me is because I find weed that’s loud and taste good typically gets me the highest and reading about “The Entourage Effect “ it makes sense to me. This flower was interesting looking because most of the nugs were pea green with heavy coating of trichomes and then one nug is purped out with hunter green and purple leaves both had an average amount of pistils but on thee purple bud they definitely popped more. On a side note this came with a boveda pack and those things steal terps so I’m bummed they’re doing this.

When smelling its straight sweet sugar and fruit terps. Some pungent pine and musk in there too was a really great smell. When smoking it smokes a lot like zkittlez but even sweeter and more like candy taste than I’m used too. The high was nice uplifting and slightly energetic but then you start to mellow and really relax and I just sat there in a really good mood. Overall the flavors I’ve tried have all been good strong and smoked clean and will definitely try more. With the boveda packs I’d pay close attention to packaging dates and only grab something within about 3 maybe 4 weeks at most.

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