Citrus Sunrise By Wca

This was actually my first scoop of Wca in some time so it was my first with the new packaging the homey @percyterps insisted that I pick it up because he knows my taste. The appearance was consistent with what everything I’ve been seeing. Cold cure in a almost white color looking really wet and really clean.

The smell is definitely citrus mostly oranges but some tangy lime and grapefruit smells too. The taste when dabbing is oranges and citrus in such a balanced perfect way without that harsh feeling on your throat some strong orange terps leave. This was seriously my favorite citrus dab since pink lemonade by Ladybug. The high was great too being energetic slightly spacey and uplifting in a very fun way. I definitely see this as good smoke for getting shit done around the house. This one made me buy more from Wca almost immediately. If you like orange/citrus I highly recommend this one.

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