Sidewalk Sunday by Turtle Pie Co.

Had never heard of this company or strain but it sounded tasty so l made sure to get some. This was all small buds but they were caked in so much resin that it gave all the greens and purples this silver sheen that really is appealing to the eye. A lot of the buds look like purple tightly wrapped tulips. The little buds made it a pain to destem and I’m sure I impatiently smoked some stems at certain points.

The smell was amazing on this one very sweet and mixture of chocolate and milk terps but not chocolate milk terps. 🤷‍♂️ Some pungent skunk and musty terps with berries too. When you smoke you are met first with a sweet fruity terps but quickly bitters up and becomes very un enjoyable smoke that gagged me most times. I’m not sure what went wrong here but was unpleasant smoke. The high was nice and relaxing and aloud me to chill and relax after work. In talking to friends I heard turtle pie co had some good smoke so I’ll probably try again but this at the least was definitely a bad batch.

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