Z41 By Surefire Selections

This one I got to try a little at my buddy’s place and really enjoyed so when I saw on the menu I knew I needed my own to review. This flower was quite eye catching as it was basically so purple it was black with just little bits of green here and there. Rust orange pistils peeking out at different spots throughout. So much resin that it looks like someone just added salt or left it out in the snow.

The smell was very sweet like Zkittlez but also that creamy sweetness from the 41 and found it hard to separate just kept getting both. The gas was hard to identify because the sweetness was so strong but I could feel it burning my nose. When smoking it smoked really sweet creamy and gassy. When inhaling you could really feel it expanding your lungs and when I thought I was about to die I exhaled and to my surprise it smoked so clean and smooth it didn’t kill my throat on the way out and left me with a very manageable cough. The high was great and left me very relaxed. I’d say it’s a little to strong to keep going back to all day but if you wake and bake it you’ll start your morning off very pleasantly. Another heater from Surefire Selections and can’t wait for more.

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