ACMB By Surefire Selections

Animal cookies x Milkbone

After trying the Zkittlez by Surefire selections I was eager to try more lucky for me @ftt had a few flavors including this ACMB. So this bag came as a 3.5g nug plus a .3 popcorn nug for a generous serving. The flower was dense and colorful reminded me of a splatter painting the way the purples, greens and speckled throughout a thick layer of trichomes with little strips of pistils the lined up like boundary lines on a map in a dark orange rust color. The structure of this bud was perfect and very easy to break apart and work with.

When smelling you get this doughy creamy smell with pine and musky undertones that really reminded me of some cereal milk that you just finished eating medicated cereal out of. When smoking the first thing I noticed was those old school cookie terps all doughy and gassy then finished of with funky creamy taste with a hint of maybe some chem genetics. The high was awesome definitely smacked me in the face and had me feeling goofy and silly and was a really enjoyable fun high that I was able to stay awake for. Loving Surefire selections right now and this strain was no different.

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