Zlime Pie By Surefire Selections

The name of this one had me excited because any fruit name combined with Z ends up being tasty. The look of this flower definitely showed it’s sativa genetics as the biggest nug has the long narrow structure typically seen in sativa genetics. Different shades of green and rusty pistils spread about. Has a nice healthy coating of trichomes too that really rounds out this beautiful flower perfectly. Structure and cure was good and easy to work with.

When smelling I get bits of doughiness and citrus along with some musky and pine smells. When smoking instead of the sweet citrus I was expecting it came out more like bitter lime peel with just a tad bit of citrus and pungent skunk. I kept smoking out of different glass trying to get the taste right but never was really enjoyable not bad like dirty but just an unenjoyable taste and smoke. The high was good energetic and uplifting and would be great in social situations but wasn’t very long lasting. Overall this was my least favorite offering from Surefire Selections but might just be a personal preference because everything burned clean and looked good. I’ll still be looking for other flavors by them.

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