Hindu Z By Seven Leaves

Another Z cross by these guys or gals sure. Why not? These buds were all pretty small and pretty much popcorn nugs. I know that’s not a huge factor but sometimes the smaller nugs are more tedious to pick apart and pull the stems out. This one though honestly wasn’t too bad. Lots of different shades of green here too with some purples peeking through here and there. The resin is pretty thick and almost gives the bud that hairy spider leg look along with having some impact on the color of the flowers adding some silver and white hues.

The smell is the pungent pine and woodsy and sweet fragrances underneath. Maybe a bit of citrus or some kind of sour fruit. When smoking you get this harsh woodsy and earthy taste with some pine on the exhale. Sounds really boring as I try to describe it but it definitely wasn’t. The high was relaxing and definitely made me feel unmotivated to do much. Made a perfect night cap. This flower too had the boveda packs so I have to wonder what the terps would have been like without. I’m noticing their new packaging is the Mylar bags so I’m hoping with a better seal they’ll decide not to need the packs anymore. Overall I’ve liked everything I’ve tried by this brand but have heard very mixed reviews because of the boveda pack and lack of terps. So if they’re still providing that I’d make sure to pay close attention to packaging dates.

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