Carmel Apple By A Golden State

So I started to see this brand pop up with some interesting strain names and this one definitely peeked my interest. Something that sounds really cool but not sure of how much of an effect it would have is the fact that they claim it’s cultivated by the fresh snow melt of Mt. Shasta. Sounds super cool and refreshing. This flower was quite pretty and really had nice contrasting purples and greens that really made the colors pop. Rust colored pistils all about. Really heavy coating of trichomes that really make this flower appetizing.

When smelling I was able to pick out some subtle sweet fruity terps but weren’t strong enough to identify. Also picked up on what I thought at first could have kind been Carmel but after reading the description I decided maybe it was the coffee finish they claimed. When smoking the taste was really disappointing none of the fruity or sweet terps came through a little bit of the coffee/Carmel did and lots of earth and pine terps. The high was pretty standard not too strong not too weak. Just felt relaxed and in a better mood. Didn’t really make me disoriented or high just in a better mood. Overall I’d like to try more by this company as I’ve heard some good things and hopefully this middle of the line flower was just a fluke.

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