Orange Cookie Dough By Fresh Baked

Had some enjoyable Fresh Baked at a buddies and I remembered a really good review done by a buddy of OCD by KRD so was pretty excited to try this. The flowers are pretty nice looking with a great blend of purples and greens with rusty orange pistils everywhere. Great amount of frost really gives this flower great bag appeal.

The smell was surprising as it was definitely loud with sugary sweet doughiness but the orange part was very subtle and for some that may be preferable but for me was disappointing. The taste when smoking was a bit disappointing as it just reminded me of a bland wedding cake. Definitely smoked clean and the cookie terps were good just was hoping for more citrus too. The high was relaxing and sedative and definitely elevated my mood. Overall wasn’t bad smoke but not great smoke either with it being smooth but rather flavorless smoke. I’ll still try some other flavors based on other experiences but the OCD was disappointing.

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