American Pie by Doja Pak

Big fan of the Rs11 by Doja Pak and recently they went rec and I saw American Pie available at the Dispo. Being that I like apple terps I grabbed with no hesitation. The look on the bud was nice and disappointing at the same time. They were a little smooshed and beat up looking from presumably the Mylar bag packaging but also had such a thick coating of resin that made the greens and purples appear to have a silver hue on them. Even though beat up the structure was nice and easy to work with.

When smelling first thing you notice is pungent sour apple smell that have a subtle creaminess to it. Also there is some notes of diesel fuel too that made my nose tinge a little bit. When smoking you get this mixed flavor of fruity and mint/spice gumdrops with gas again with a creamy finish that was really satisfying and kept me going back for more. The high was outstanding as I quickly noticed how strong it was. Comes quickly over the front of your head and just sits there at your eyes get heavy then your limbs get heavy and before I knew it I was stuck and a hour went by with me doing Jack shit. I was so impressed with the nice taste and crazy strength that I messaged a few friends right away to alert them to the power this one held. Overall with my 2nd go with Doja Pak I’m super stoked and excited to try more.

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