Papaya Melonz #4 By Baby Yoda Hash

My first dab by Baby Yoda was clean and had a nice high but was a bit flavorless so I had some reluctancy when trying to decide if I should try this one. Percy Terps insisted that Baby Yoda is top end hash and recommend this one and boy am I glad he did. When looking at this hash first thing I noticed was how wet it was (usually means lots of terps) and the color was perfect light creme color with just a tad bit of yellow shading.

When smelling the hash I was blown away with how loud it was. The first thing that stands out was the tropical pungent stink that papaya always puts out but it had an unusual sweetness and crisp to it that really screamed tropical candy terps. When dabbing all those smells come through as yummy candy flavor that really is strong and coats your mouth with a sweet aftertaste that I really enjoyed. The high was uplifting and at times it felt strong to medium with a really relaxed vibe. It comes on to the head first and you can really feel creep over your face and weight down your eyelids but not gonna put you out. This was way better than my first try and I’ll definitely be looking for more flavors by Baby Yoda and appreciate I can always count on Percy to steer me right.

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